Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Have you ever felt that you don't have the time do what you want to do right away? You feel your holding yourself back, because there are other important things to be done first. Remember time management. Time Management is a emotionless old bloke, who won't let you enjoy your life as a lazy programmer.

Shifting focus across many things, especially when I do not have time to spare is becoming a common habit with me. I am writing this blog entry, when I have absolutely no time to do so :) The interesting part of this obsession to waste all the valuable time is that the moment I actually have time, to do everything I want to; I'll probably end up lazing around and wasting time.

The good thing about the distracted mind is that when I actually get back to doing "what I am supposed to be doing", I feel refreshed. It's like taking a break, a good one.

I have just one more complain. I think life has been extremely unfair on me. During all my exams in school and especially the important ones, there was something interesting going on around the world.

I have some interesting blog entries in draft stage, I hope to post them as soon as I get a little more free from my pressing workload. Who knows, I might decide to get crazy and post them instead of doing "what I am supposed to do" :)

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