Saturday, April 30, 2011

Match fixing (WC 2011)

I wonder if such controversies are created to make people believe that the losing team was too good for the opposition (winning team), but money got in the way.

Somehow, the WC 2011 win does not seem fixed, I remember seeing the joy on Mahela's face and the joy when the Srilankan's got to the half way mark. They thought they had won the match.

Allegations take away from the hard work of the players and glory. It sure is hard on players who are dedicated to the cause of their teams.

ATI driver 11.4 is out

It is here works perfectly well with my Fedora 15, beta system. I hate moving away from the open source driver, but I've got to do so for thermal (probably) and speed reasons (6x). Mesa has some interesting changes, including support for direct3D, but for now it is time for me to experiment with OpenCL :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Draft of Enumerative Combinatorics - volume I

Richard P Stanley has the draft of the second edition available at The book is a classic and highly recommended if you are interested in combinatorics. The book assumes advanced knowledge of mathematics (commutative integral domains, generating functions, etc). I am reading the first chapter and I've been ignoring some of the rigor to get the most from it.

Dynamic programming for the binomial coefficient

More fun things, this time with some visualisation of what happens when memoisation is used and what happens when we don't. I don'...