Thursday, November 06, 2008

Time out, take a break, Dravid!

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Dravid's dismal form continues in test cricket. He is already out of the one-day squad. When Dravid resigned as captain, he did so to focus on his batting. Unfortunately, Royal Challengers did not work for him (despite his good innings towards the end, when the challenge was already over). His test cricket form has also gone bad. I think it is time to hand Dravid the Ganguly treatment. Drop him from the squad and get him to make a comeback. This is the same thing he and Chappel did to Ganguly and it seemed to work well. I don't want to rule out Dravid for the future, but he seems to be holding up a place that he needs to deserve again. He has a lot of cricket left in him. Seeing his mates Ganguly and Anil must make him nervous, but he should look at Tendulkar for inspiration.

The best way to get back to form is to play domestic cricket and make a good comeback. I hope Dravid will realize that a break is in his favour and the selectors will hand him one.
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