Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Quick Review - The race of my life

I just finished reading Milkha's autobiography - The race of my life. I loved the simple writing and the length of the book. I must confess that having seen the movie earlier made it easier for me to read the book, however the movie and the book do not map 1:1.

Milkha's book is filled with a story of tragedy of the bloody partition, determinism of a father to educate a child, hardwork and struggle of the youth of Milkha and his progress from an Army Jawan to almost a lieutenant, his days as sports administrator and his feelings for the current state of sports.

All the events in which he participated, the cultural gaps between India and the rest of the world and his ability to learn & improve and work hard with the coaches is clearly demonstrated. They are some hilarious moments about his sister Isher thinking he was shot during a race :)

A great read, should not take you very long to complete and you'll end up feeling motivated to reach your goals.

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