Sunday, February 03, 2013

My prediction for the new wave of consumer electronics

Remember the time when new laptops/desktops were fun to have. A laptop was a must have for college (I never had one, but thanks to my brother I had a great computer, where I learnt all my programming). The new rage is now the new era of merged functionality

  • Mobile
  • Photos
  • Email
  • Maps & GPS
  • Games
  • Internet browsing
  • Video calling

The gadgets out there are amazing, to be honest I own quite a few of them. I've had a prediction for a while on what would happen next (happen next to the laptop/notebook world). Lets look at the pros and cons of the mobile computing era devices versus laptop/desktop world


  1. Easier to carry around
  2. Single device to carry (integrated functionality)
  3. Cheaper software licensing cost (games for $5, etc)
  4. Touch capability (better user experience)
  5. Growing compute and memory capacity


  1. Limited storage
  2. More frequent recycling
  3. Not upgradable in any sense
  4. Faster obsolescence
  5. Harder to create content (programming to be done on laptops/desktops, documents are hard to create)
  6. Very limited screen size

Gadgets are fun and most people don't care about limited storage today or content creation, but limited storage along with faster obsolescence along with limited ability to create content will help the desktop/laptop world emerge back.

My prediction based limited storage and changing laptop world (touch screen) is that the laptop world will emerge back and win again.

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