Friday, January 22, 2010

Published an article in Linux For you

You can see the abstract below

Introducing Kernel Samepage Merging
The motivation of KSM comes from the observation that on a large machine running several virtual machines (potentially running the same OS), there are a number of duplicate pages, each consuming a page of memory in the hypervisor.

The URL for the magazine is

Go rush and get the January 2010 copy, comments, feedback, criticism always appreciated!

FOSS.IN 2009 was great

I am delinquent in reporting about my FOSS.IN experience this year. Nevertheless, better late than never! My summary goes, the good, the awesome, the excellent and the let-downs. For the photo stream check out "" tag on flickr

The let-downs
  1. There were very good talks, I spoke as well (see, but I was surprised to see people who had never contributed code, presenting, even though that is something that FOSS.IN was trying to move away from.
  2. Atul stepped down as the organizer or key-organizer of FOSS.IN. We've had some interesting discussions on the mailing list, I'll certainly miss those
  3. Stalls - the stalls from Nokia and some of the student stalls were awesome, I was hoping to see some key innovative work happening
  4. Goody bag - I did not get my goody bag, I asked early and I was told to come at the end, but I was told they ran out :( I missed out on the mug I admire soooooo much
  5. FOSS.IN almost seeming like FOSS.DE (we need a stronger rotation policy :), just kidding on this one)
The good
  1. I loved the spirit of FOSS.IN
  2. Loved the environment and speaking to the volunteers
  3. Pulseaudio, I typically and still to some extent don't like Pulseaudio, but the technology and the architecture I learnt from the learned, seem very impressive
  4. The hobby electronics group and their project
The excellent
  1. The workouts were excellent, the BoFS and many workouts had more focus
  2. The rock music by the Raghu Dixit Project
  3. Met some free lancers using Linux, they did not have stalls, but their projects sounded very exciting
  4. The participants were serious about what they wanted to work on, which is very exciting to see
  5. Networking and spending time with people
The awesome
  1. The food arrangement, Hallimane
Hmmm.. Did I just put my neck out and at the same time be lazy? BTW, I wrote my Linux For You article while attending the conference :)

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