Sunday, July 26, 2009

Search engine, BIOS updates and a waste of time

I am not quite sure how, but the default search engine on my Windows partition changed to "Ask". I was looking for BIOS updates as a possible workaround to some 3D graphic issues I was observing. The search showed a wrong version of the BIOS and board and I (being me) ran the .exe express update only to realize that I've managed to erase out my Intel Management Agent firmware. The BIOS worked, but I could no longer read the temperature and voltage from the motherboard sensors.

After this blunder, the regular express or ISO based mechanism of BIOS update refused to work. Thanks to the recovery BIOS mechanism on my Intel board, I removed the jumper pins (see manual for your BIOS), put in the CD with .bio file burnt on it.

  1. .bio is the recover BIOS. Burning
  2. .bio from Windows burner created a UDF filesystem on the CD, which the failed to work.

I had to force a iso9660 file format from my Linux partition and recover. After the recovery BIOS update, I put back the jumper pins and got back to normal work. My Intel 3D graphics problem on Linux is not yet completely gone, but I do hope to debug it more and not hear back (update BIOS) when I ask for help

In summary, stop believing your search results if you want to be productive :)

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