Friday, July 01, 2016

Thoughts on Agile programming - team size

I've been thinking about this for a very long time. What would be an ideal agile team size -- what would be a core team size to be more precise. I've been told in the past that it's 5, but I think it's 4 and here is how I think the team should be organized

Role Role Role Role
Developer1 Developer2 Reviewer/Test1 Reviewer/Test2
Here Reviewer/Tester and Developers should exchange roles if required and be flexible to work both ways for maximum efficiency. Note the role of Reviewer/Tester could be easily done by another Developer.

Here is how I would schedule their interactions

Day Room1 Room2
1 Developer1 and Reviewer/Test1 Developer2 and Reviewer/Test2
2 Developer2, Developer1 and Reviewer/Test1 Reviewer/Test2
3 Developer2, Developer1 and Reviewer/Test2 Reviewer/Test1
4 Reviewer/Test2, Developer1 and Reviewer/Test1 Developer2
5 Reviewer/Test2, Developer1 and Reviewer/Test2 Developer1
6 Developer2, DeveloperReviewer/Test2 and Reviewer/Test1

Teams will think I am crazy for suggesting working 6 days a week, this problem can be resolved by splitting day 6 into some hours each day. For example 1.5 hours a day could be kept aside each day for the developers/reviewer-tester to interact and day 6 could be eliminated all together

In my scheme, each person gets a day/some time to themselves each week. All of them collaborate together and work together frequently. In this scheme indepedence is as important as the inter-dependance between each member

What do you think?

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