Friday, March 18, 2005

Bucknor vs India

In today's match, Steve Bucknor cost India dearly. The batsmen (Tendulkar) kept complaining about the bad light. In the end Bucknor gave him out when he was not, the fielding team themselves were not appealing as much. Please see Bucknor is useless. I wonder if ICC will ever take any action against such bad umpires, who are biased. He has made so many bad decisions and mostly against India. Do a google search and you will find out what many people think about him.

It is sad to say that he is the first umpire to umpire 100 tests.

Steve Bucknor, India is furious with you. Please get your act right! ICC please do something about this!

But looking at another aspect, life balances out and hopefully Sachin Tendulkar will get lucky and given not out when out. Today he was in a great nick, it could affect the end result of the match.
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