Monday, May 09, 2005

Can my blog be audible?

I am exploring techniques to make my blog audible, yes audible!

Unfortunately, I do not own the blog server and hence do not have access to any technology on the server side. I will be forced to implement something at the client end. Does anybody know of a good technology to help me make my blog audible?

Let me know if you do or any suggestions you have


NGM said...

If you want podcast your posts, you should upload the audio files. I am also looking out for some free space to host audio files.

Narasimha G M

H said...

Came to your site through Gopal's site.

You may want to check

Balbir Singh said...

Thats a cool site audioblogger.

I was almost done, when I realized that we need to call over the phone. The expenses might be high for now.
I am looking for a dynamic text to speech converter if possible, so that I can make text changes and expect other changes to follow (audio)

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