Sunday, December 04, 2005 - Take away - I

I attended last week. I was very happy with the arrangement and the venue. We had Alan Cox, Jonathan Corbet and many other prominent people attending the event. The schedule of talks was interesting. I attended quite a few of the talks. I intend to share my understanding in parts, starting with my biggest take away from the event.

Let me summarize it here

  1. Itch-Scratch Phenomena -- If you got an itch, you will scratch. In the open source world this means -- If you need something, do it yourself or help somebody do it, do not sit quite
  2. Contributions do not have to be code -- You can contribute by translating code, documents, submitting bug reports, testing, helping with infrastructure and many other means. Code is also of-course considered as contribution, but it is not the only way to contribute
  3. You build the community -- No one can say no to you, if you do something and the community needs it, they will take it. Do not be afraid of people saying "No!". People saying "No!" often too busy fighting somebody will implement feature in the background and submit it.
  4. Work on it now -- If you need something, discuss it with the community and start on it right away
This is what I want to take away immediately from the conference. Well, ideally I should have started working on the ideas in my mind, so I will cut short the post and try to "work on it now!"
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