Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Who inspires you?

Many of us are inspired by role models around us, in person, in media, in history, men and women who lead by example. I remember an instance - a colleague of mine was asked about role models and he was selected because he mentioned his grandfather. Other colleagues who mentioned names like Mahatma Gandhi were rejected, because in the HR's mind, a role model has to be someone you personally know. I felt those were very strong opinions to make a judgement for employment

In the past, I've had several role models

  • My dad - for simplicity, integrity and courage to do the right thing and caring for others. Ability to network, empathize. Social causes and care for poor.
  • My mom - for her ability to manage so many things, manage the family, swiftness, love and extreme courage. Her ability to network
  • Mahatma Gandhi - For large traits of what I saw in my dad.
  • Don Knuth - For being so nice, smart and humble
  • Ex-leads - technical leads in my first job, software architects, distinguished engineers from whom I've learnt a lot. Learnt virtues of caring for people beyond the scope of work.
  • Relatives and friends - who've stood by thick and thin, good and bad times
Today I was inspired by our security guard. His simplicity, his dedication to work and sincerity inspired me. I write this blog and dedicate it to all those who inspired me. I think we don't need to look very far for inspiration, it is right around the corner, in my case right at my doorstep.

I hope all of us find many role models who inspire us to do the right thing for ourselves and the society we build together.

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