Sunday, January 30, 2005

New algorithms group at google

There is a new group a google on algorithms. Please visit
The idea is to discuss various algorithms, their math, books, exercises, solutions, etc. Of course all algorithms from all fields are welcome


Raffi said...

I could access the group link from here. Looks like this link does not exist anymore.

Raffi said...

Sorry, I Could not access. I think it is time for me to sleep.

Balbir Singh said...

Seeing the low bandwidth I have, I have currently deleted the group. But google has algogeeks and Don Knuths book groups

Thanks for your interest!

Raffi said...

Is there a way to set somewhere to get an email for the comments which write for my comments :-)

If not, better i'll request the Blogger to add. Else it is very tedious to check what you have said for my comments.

Balbir Singh said...


If you leave behind your id in the comments, I can forward it to you. I get an email for all comments posted on my blog.

I think for now, we can live with that right ? :-)

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