Sunday, September 18, 2005

Possible solutions to the Bangalore's Infrastructure problem

If you live in Bangalore, you are likely to find the IT sector complaining about the infrastructure problem in Bangalore. To be honest their complaints are 100% true. I think the biggest problem is commutation. It takes on an average 3 hours to commute from home to Electronic City (a location where there are close to 50,000 engineers working). While we all know that it would probably take years to fix the problem completely, here are a few intermediate steps that can be thought to solve the problem

  1. Cover the big opening between the service lanes and the main road
  2. Make the road divider flexible, during the mornings, make the side which leads to electronic city bigger and on return reverse it. Have a 75:25 split of the road for optimizing traffic
  3. Ask companies to interleave their starting and closing time by 15 minutes. For example company A could start at 8:15, company B at 8:30 and so on
  4. Actually, start work on the infrastructure, build new flyover's, fixing pot holes, etc

Imagine if 50,000 engineers on an average spend 3 hours a day in traffic, what would be the loss in productivity? Wouldn't it be better that they all spend time with their families and on their hobbies instead of traveling?
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