Friday, September 30, 2005

What do you look for in a job?

The Indian job market is very bullish. In a recent survey, India topped a list of 23 countries when it came to job creation in certain sectors. I find that we Indians switch jobs more frequently than our counterparts from developed nations. When you switch a job what do you look for in a new organization?

I got a great answer about career building from someone my brother knows, he said

"Building a career is like digging a well, first you get dirty and then if you dig deep enough, you will find water. Don't dig too many wells and if possible avoid digging small holes."

He was suggesting that sticking around definitely pays off. I agree with that point of view, but we must ensure that we dig in a place where we are likely to find water to begin with.

That made me wonder, do we give up too easily on our work places and switch jobs? Or is that companies in India do not take good care of their employees, the cost saving is sometimes at the cost of the employee? A HR manager once told me that the cost of replacing an employee is nine times his current monthly salary.

I would be interested in finding out the annual cost of hiring across organizations in Bangalore, specially the software firms and compare them against other places in the world.
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