Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Confession of a software programmer

Software programmers are known to be lazy and famous for writing buggy code. Well, not all programmers, some do write wonderful stuff. So good that its a pleasure to read the code and execute their program.

I feel that I belong to the lazy and buggy code writers category. So, this year (this month) I have decided to write some code, that I should have written a long time back. I plan to write the code with the following goals in mind

  1. Develop several test cases to prove that the code works
  2. Track Quality of code
  3. Keep track of every single mistake I make while writing it and time required to fix errors
  4. Track the number of compilations, crashes, the number of times the source code is edited and time required for each action

You must wonder how I will do all this and still develop code. Well, I have a plan of action

Use Karm (KDE's time tracking tool) to track how my time on the computer is spent. I think it should be an interesting exercise if followed honestly.

Screenshot of Karm

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