Saturday, November 25, 2006

Is Dravid headed down the Ganguly lane?

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An indifferent performance at Durban (a place with a good amount of Indian support) and in his last dozen matches, is Dravid headed down the Ganguly lane? Is captaincy and planning leaving no time to play and enjoy the game. Is the politics of Indian cricket along with the six thinking hats of Greg Chappell getting too hot for Rahul?

I for one am very skeptical of the Indian batting line up. Sehwag is too adamant to listen to anyone - that's his natural style right? Tendulkar, the poor guy sees everyone getting out and goes into a shell (and gets out!). Kaif and Yuvraj, have no technique while batting. Give them a venue that supports swing and they'll lollypop their wicket to the slips. Dhoni might be ranked high, but it's a miracle when he manages to play the ball where he intends to.

Let's not even discuss the tail-enders

Whenever India comes in to bat, nobody can predict how well they'll do? They are prone to collapsing, known to be panicky and have the killer instinct of a Sparrow. The one thing they are good at is acting, look at their advertisements and you'll see that all of them can almost act. May be the BCCI has an acting academy inside the sports complex.

Is the wall wearing out? I hope not to give up so soon, but I am very frustrated.
I am going to protest, not by not watching the cricket matches, but by not purchasing anything advertised by an Indian cricketer.

How's that???? (If the umpires are looking at this blog :))


Anonymous said...

Heh heh, nice one about the killer instinct. And the acting academy!!! :) LOL.

I agree with the point about the batting order. Why the hell is one of the world's best No.3 batsmen not coming at that position when India are 0/1? When else should he come at No.3?

And Suresh Raina has clearly got to many chances.

And why is Rohan Uthappa, who had a great outing earlier, out of the team?

And why is Kumble not playing!?

Balbir Singh said...


I've got to agree on the Raina front. Does Sharad Pawar have a soft spot for him? Uthappa would be a good opener. I think Sehwag should play with him and Tendulkar should come two down.

Kumble is our best spinner ever and has one so many matches for us, unless he refuses to play ODI's, we should get him to play.

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