Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ten top things to do after installing a new Linux Distribution

Even though most of distributions have gotten better with look & feel and integration of hardware with Linux, here are the top ten things I usually do after installing a new distribution

  1. Fix the bootloader to set the order of booting the OS
  2. Get the right fonts
  3. Download media players like real or helix and mplayer
  4. Download and install a DVD player
  5. Install Java and the Java Plugin
  6. Install Acrobat Reader
  7. Install Acrobat Flash Plugin
  8. Install TeX, Scribus, Xfig and Inkscape
  9. Install wxMaxima and Scilab
  10. Install development packages like Eric, Kdeveloper & Eclipse
Remember, installing an entirely new distribution requires a lot of patience, googling and sleep. I'll try and walk you through the nuances of the various distributions available. My favourite these days is Ubuntu. It's a great distribution built on top of another great distribution (debian).
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