Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's prediction time!

It's come a little late this year, but here goes anyway. The list includes technology, business and other predictions for the year 2007

  1. Apple will go back to using the PowerPC
  2. Intel will gain an upper hand over AMD in the 64 bit space
  3. Microsoft (R) Vista (TM) will not be widely accepted, people will expect too much from it
  4. Internet Explorer 7 will do well, but will begin to loose out gradually towards the end of the year
  5. India, Dravid, Chappel and Tendulkar will have a rather forgivable (we'll loose out before the semi-finals) world cup
  6. The world will get ready to move to 128 bit computing, there will be rapid growth towards 1024 bit computing machines
  7. Adobe, Google and Apple will continue to do well
  8. Open source movement will slow down for this year

These predictions are not very scientific, they are based on gut feeling. Feel free to comment on any of the predictions. I'll try and keep the list up to date or add your predictions if I really like them

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