Friday, October 05, 2007

Memory Ordering (Recommended Reading)

I just finished reading this wonderful report on memory ordering. I highly recommend reading it. If you have anything to do with multi-core, multi-processor, parallel programming, you'll find the paper very insightful.

Other good to read papers/articles on memory ordering from Paul Mckenney are
  1. C++ Data-Dependency Ordering. May 2007.
  2. Overview of Linux-Kernel Reference Counting. January 2007.
  3. A simple and efficient memory model for weakly ordered architectures. Makes case for weakly ordered primitives in programming languages. Updated May 2007.


dhaval.giani said...

there is also this nice series going on about memory, more basic, but very very good!

Balbir Singh said...

Yes, the one by Ulrich. It's exciting to see Ulrich talk about memory charge, SDRAM, cache, etc.

Definitely must read

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