Thursday, November 22, 2007

Guess what OS Don Knuth runs?

Check out

In the section "Wanted: A Name For High-Tech Grief" Knuth states and I quote

"I myself have often cried out for help to colleagues who have generously made house calls, in order to unwedge my highly customized Linux system"

We've known it for a while, looking at the customized fvwm2 configuration on Knuth's website, but it's good to see it in writing.

Some of you must be thinking, he has problems with Linux? We'll look at the keywords -- highly customized. Can't do that with other operating systems without hitting yourself in the head a few times or hitting your head against something. You don't hit yourself because your stupid, you do, because you brought the product :-)

Hmmm.... Now, if we can get everyone who has directly or in-directly been benefited from Knuth's work to run Linux, that would be a wonderful starting place. Of-course regular users are more than welcome to adopt and customize Linux.

Linux is a Trademark of Linus Torvalds
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