Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sounds in my life

The gentle and shrill sounds in my everyday life, call my attention to them. In earlier days, the only sound that one would hear is of people talking to them, children playing on the street or a baby calling for Mama's attention.

Compare and contrast that with what we hear today; the sound of the TV, the microwave, radio, music player, sound of vehicles zooming on the street, vehicles blowing horns, the telephone, the cell phone trying to tell you someone wants to talk to you (even when you are in the restroom), this someone could be a pre-recorded sales call; the computer buzzing to tell you that someone is trying to reach you through instant chat, the courier person ringing the doorbell, the alarm-clock ringing on my cell phone

How am I supposed to listen to myself and others around me; with these distracting sounds calling for my attention. We have moved into a new era, where we need more sounds to tell us, that we are needed elsewhere. I need to filter these sounds, so that I can hear my heart-beat, the pin-drop and my those around me giggle and laugh.
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