Friday, October 30, 2009

A consumer complains

I recently bought a new laptop and the display went bad in less than 15 days. I eventually got it back with the LCD replaced, but my experience at the customer service was horrible and I complained. Here is the letter I wrote, I am hoping that [company] will wake up and take notice. Customer service offered elsewhere (outside India) seems to be much more superior with value for customers.

My experience with [company] today was one of the worst I've had with any product support. I visited [service center] to repair my 15 day old laptop, the display had stopped working. I found that the front desk person opened my laptop without using any static protection mechanism, which I escalated all the way to [somename] (Customer Service Head). I asked for a letter of apology for not following prescribed procedure. [somename] told me it is a human error and I need to ignore it and stop interfering with how [company] service people work (I as a customer was going beyond my boundaries and interfering with their day to day work). After my complaint, the other people started doing the right thing, the local manager said that his employees were tired and just had lunch (hence the error). If [company] can void my warranty (even for opening my laptop, even though I did not (just hypothetically)), why is it OK for [company] service people to *NOT HANDLE* my laptop carefully.

Clearly I am very disappointed and want to see justice done in this matter. All I want so far is a letter of apology for not handling my product and a guarantee that their action has not damaged my laptop

Do you have any experiences to share? Consumer rights are taken for granted and I wish we could be more empowered to take stronger action.
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