Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some cool feature of firefox 4

firefox 4 is still under development, I've been testing it again now. A while back I tried it for its support of webgl, but I found gmail crashing and I submitted reports. I now see the new minefield (firefox 4) is quite awesome. What do I love about the new look

  • Group your tabs is a really cool feature
  • Refresh button has moved to the right
  • Book marking got a whole lot easier
  • When pointing to a hyperlinked item, the address bar shows what the URL of the linked item is (quite cool)
  • There is a new firefox sync in preferences to sync firefox across all devices
  • The web console looks interesting, but nothing to beat Chrome's developer tools

There are many more, these are what I could see from my first impression. I'll try and post some interesting screenshots. I've also heard that the firefox 4 javscript engine is now one of the fastest engines (really cool!)

On my wish list, I have

  • Better download manager
  • Ability to do private and non-private browsing in parallel
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