Friday, February 11, 2005

Interviews response

My Friend Narasimha spoke about interviewing at
I find it very interesting, given that I have taken hundreds of interviews and attended quite a few (many times for the kick or out of optimisim or to learn something and/or check my current skills :-))

Here is his list

  1. Do not get too technical (There is google for this)
  2. Try to find out if the candidate is passionate about what he has worked on
  3. Ask some questions which probe his analytical ability
  4. Ask about academic projects.
  5. Probe whether he understands some concepts about source control, unit testing
  6. Ask whether he has uses google :)
Let me add a few more points

  1. See if the candidate is capable of working independently
  2. Don't expect him/her to know the obscure details of the language he/she uses for programming. After all a programming language is just a tool
  3. Check his/her learning ability and flexibility and the willingness to adapt to new technologies
  4. Check to see if he can tell you the reason for leaving his current job
  5. Many more to come
What I find very surprising from my experience is that 95% of the people cannot write any algorithm to sort a list of arrays, 80% of the people need help with binary search and 95% people do not understand recursion. I would like to add more statistics here soon
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