Thursday, February 03, 2005


Given my software development background and the industry experience I have; I decided to classify programmers. Think of this as a taxonomy, I plan to grow this list as time progresses. A programmer could fall into several categories at the same time

  • The Post-it Programmer :- Usually arrogant programmer who believes that he/she was not created to write certain programs or to do lowly jobs like testing or writing test cases. Does a good job like post-it notes, but cannot be used for anything else.
  • The Erratic Programmer :- No matter what level experience he/she has, they will always write buggy code.
  • The Pretending Programmer :- Pretends to work and thinks that he/she has achieved a lot, but in reality the work done is zero.
  • The Cautious Programmer :- Will take forever to think about the program and discuss it forever, but will never make it into useful working code.
  • The Cribbing Programmer :- Believes that every one else has better work to do than what he/she does. Such programmers always complain and are never happy with anything
  • The Lazy Programmer :- Will waste away time until he/she can. Then at some point realize that wasting time is no longer feasible and starts working

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