Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What have I been upto in pictures (Quiz)

These pictures show you what I've been upto today. The first person to guess it correct gets a treat from me (if you live in my city), else you get credits for getting it right. Seriously, it is not that hard. I need complete details of what I did, the more complete the details, the higher your chances of winnng and FCFS of-course (you win because you came to my blog earlier :-))

Hint: I am not violating any license agreement and the pictures themselves are links


matt said...

It looks like you installed Windows2000 Pro in a QEMU virtual machine. I'm not sure if and how Bochs played into it, but I thought I saw it's name in the background there.

Balbir Singh said...

Absolutely! Matt you get credit for answering it correctly.

Yes, I was trying to compare the performance of bochs with qemu. qemu is much faster. I also tried compiling a SMP version of Bochs to see if that could boost performance.

Gops said...

All I got was greek greek latin latin. Dude if you want to run Windows, why don't you simply dual boot your m/c? ;)

I know this'll burn you up, that what makes commenting so much fun!

Balbir Singh said...

I can dual boot and I will. But look at the convenience. I have two os'es running together (buzz word - virtualization)

Its another story that on my slow system it takes for ever for qemu to run. But the thrill of being able to do so, is amazing.

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