Saturday, April 16, 2005

Customer Service and Support

As a customer, I have had a lot of interesting experiences with customer support. I plan to document them here someday, but for now, I do not want a blog full of complaints. Here is what an uncle of mine (Mr Mukherjee) told me about customer support. They use a technique called the ABC technique, which all of us must be aware of.

  • A is for Avoid
  • B is for Bullshit
  • C is for Confuse

At first they will try and avoid the issue. You will hear things like "that's standard", "we use it all the time", "trust me, it is ok", etc. Second, they start bullshiting you , they will start talking without facts. "Sir, we get 150 new customers a day", "Our stats show 95% of our customers are happy", "I have gone beyond my limits to help you", etc. Third, they start confusing you. "What you have is the best, the other things are bad", "Let me share a secret with you", etc.

So, the next time, be more careful and ask for facts, justification and satisfy yourself and always check things and get back.

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