Monday, August 08, 2005

Netscape 8 is such a joy

After all the controversy surrounding Netscape 8. I decided to install an upgraded/fixed version of Netscape 8. I found it amazing, you can switch between the IE and Firefox rendering engines so easily. I think this a big boon for web developers who are faced with the difficult task of testing pages with both browsers.

In the screen shots below look at the icon at the bottom left of the screen, they show the icon with which the page has been rendered. I think this a giant step for web developers and a good move by Netscape.

Netscape rendering using Firefox Posted by Picasa

Netscape rendering using IE Posted by Picasa

Netscape used to be the only browser for Linux, but unfortunately they have decided not to release Netscape 8 for Linux. I would be happy even if they released with a firefox engine, atleast I would use the same browser across platforms.

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