Monday, August 01, 2005

Pages related to OSX86

Apple has decided to move to the intel platform. Here are some links related to their effort

They are all unofficial, but they are fun to read. I can't wait for my own copy of MAC-OS-X on Intel or to buy one of those cool boxes. I hope they use a processor with 64 bit extensions and hyper-threading support


Anonymous said...

Pay through your nose to get a box that sells for peanuts (not exactly, but in comparison)


Balbir Singh said...

Well I was wondering if MAC will sell the OS and I could build/find a box that it will run on.

But, I guess to compete in the Intel world, MAC will have to be more conservative in pricing

Anonymous said...


You are living in some other planet, aren't you? Ya, like Mac would let you do that!

But I wonder what'll happen to Mac's exclusivity, now that they've tied up with Indrajit (Son of the devil)


Balbir Singh said...

Skeptical about MAC-OS, well even I a m a bit, but I like them as they use a good operating system as their base (open darwin). If MAC does not allow it, efforts will start on porting drivers to open darwin and we will get things to work.

I think MS should be a bit worried as they would now have to worry about MAC and Linux -- two fronts, but they own a part of Apple computer, so......

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