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Can you recognize this person? -- Answered

Here is the answer to Can you recognize this person?. The name of the person is Lena.

See this expert from an email response

Subject: Lena (parting words) (longish)
Date: 21 Feb 1996 13:33:20 GMT
From: (John Dobelman)
Organization: DFW Internet Services - DFWNet: 800-2-DFWNet
Newsgroups: sci.image.processing

If Dr. Munson and the Transactions can forgive the copyright infringment, the departing Editor-in-chief's comments on the Lena deal are too good not to share with the group.


A Note on Lena

During my term as Editor-in-Chief, I was approached a number of times with the suggestion that the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING should consider banning the use of the image of Lena. For those of you who are uninitiated in this brouhaha, let me provide a few facts. The original Lena image was a photograph of a Swedish woman named Lena Sjooblom, which appeared in the November 1972 issue of Playboy Magazine. (In English, Lena is sometimes spelled Lenna, to encourage proper pronunciation.) The image was later digitized at the University of Southern California as one of many possible images for use by the research community. I think it is safe to assume that the Lena image became a standard in our "industry" for two reasons. First, the image contains a nice mixture of detail, flat regions, shading, and texture that do a good job of testing various image processing algorithms. It is a good test image! Second, the Lena image is a picture of an attractive woman. It is not surprising that the (mostly male) image processing research community gravitated toward an image that they found attractive

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