Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bad Coding is Infectious

Ever worked in a team where a couple of people are not good at coding or following any good standards for coding or commenting. Imagine if you have to share a source file with them. Seeing them not do so well can infect you as well and you fall to their level of coding and guidelines. After all in a mess, where does one stand in with a flag of hope?

I have seen this happen around me, any similar experiences?


kattricker said...

I recently stumbled on a colleague's code where member variables were all CAPS (whats normally used for static constants). I couldnt believe the compilation failed, and took me sometime to realise that (I also couldnt belive Eclipse didnt show the field in pop-up, had dismissed as bug then). I agree with you Balbir, it infects your code naturally.

Balbir Singh said...

I was just thinking that on the other hand, I have learnt so many good things from great code.


1: Do not see/associate with bad code
2: Look and admire/learn from good code

NGM said...

Incompetency breeds incompetency

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