Friday, June 24, 2005

Scope of typedefs in a class in C++

I found this in the latest C++ draft specification

Type names obey exactly the same scope rules as other names.In particular, type names defined within a class definition cannot be used outside their class without qualification.


class X {
public :
typedef int I;
class Y { / . . . / };
I a;

I b; // error
Y c; // error
X::Y d; // OK
X::I e; // OK


Kaushik said...

Most STL classes like vector and list use this facility to define their local typedefs.

For instance, all the collection classes define their own versions of iterator, const_iterator, value_type etc., within the class definition.


Balbir Singh said...

Thanks for that information Kaushik. I see it now. There is an implementation of typesafe c++ enums that uses similar concepts. You can find it artima weblogs.

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