Thursday, June 09, 2005

GUI Question

This question was probably first asked by Jeff Duntemann. Why are most output devices asymmetrical?

Here is what I mean, look at your monitor, its likely to be either (in dimensions)
  1. 1024x768
  2. 800x60
  3. something higher

But the point is that the "x" and "y" dimensions are not the same. Why is it that a pixel is not a 1x1 square? The impact of this is

  1. I usually end up with a vertical scroll bar (rarely a horizontal one)
  2. The scroll wheel on my mouse, scrolls vertically

I think most of us read information top->right->down, so it makes sense to scroll vertically top->down.

Even books seem to have similar kind of dimensions. On an A4 size paper, one of the dimensions is sqrt(2) bigger than the other dimension, but there either of sides can be used as horizontal or vertical.

I think in our natural vision, the horizontal vision is bigger than our vertical one. When we see from the corner of our eye, we usually refer to the horizontal vision
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