Monday, June 06, 2005

Got Broadband?

Well, I got my BSNL broadband today after registering a lot of complaints with BSNL. The people who came to install were nice, but not as knowledgeable as I expected. It was fun and this is my first post from broadband. I am still confused about the speed, I cannot make out the difference b/w dial up and broadband.

Hopefully, now you will see a lot many posts.


kattricker said...

Good to know you are on bband Balbir. Its nice to be part of the new revolution. I wonder what bwidth you subscribed for. I have Sify-256kbps and usually get around 200-240, but my cable guy is liberal in pluggin' out the server too often (well... atleast he is not Jim Carrey!!)

Balbir Singh said...

I have BSNL and luckily for me its DSL, so I need not share bandwidth. The downtime -- I am not sure about, I need to be around for a while to face it.

Vikram said...

Ballu, welcome to the club! I'm using BSNL broadband for the past 2 months. I thought Data One was ADSL.

I hardly use it at home, but the speed is pretty blazing when I do. Basically, I can do a netmeet to my desktop and work very comfortably. Folks at home are also very happy with the browsing experience.

However, I have had trouble getting it working on my Win2K PC. Right now I can only use it on my laptop. I haven't had the time and patience to look into the PC. I have not really bothered to check at the actual bandwidth delivered as well.

So far, I have faced downtime only once or twice, when there were some issues with the exchange. Overall, it has been a good experience. I believe that BSNL has the best infrastructure and they only had to come up with a good offering. Data One ADSL definitely has made its mark.

For my PC I'm still using the Reliance land line, which gives an average speed of 80kbps. I intend to return this connection and fix my ADSL once I'm back in Bangalore.

Balbir Singh said...

Good to know that Vikram. Well I have had issues with the design of the Huawei modem, it reboots on every configuration change. Apart from that, I love the router, its good and is quite flexible by design and supports several special things.

But I love the design of their network and Broadband by BSNL. Lets hope they expand the connection to make it unlimited downloads.

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